Nichols Crane purchases the first IGO T 130 to setup in Chicago City limits!

Nichols Crane has always been committed to supplying the most well suited equipment for its customers and their jobs. With the purchase of our first Potain IGO T 130 self erecting tower crane we will be holding true to our commitment. Check out the amazing specs of this machine below!

Features of the T130 include:

•    17,637 pounds full capacity

•    3,086 pounds capacity at 164 feet

•    164 feet operational radius

•    122 feet tip hook height with jib horizontal

•    200 feet hook height with 164 feet jib offset to 30 degrees

•     Adjustable mast height from 63 feet to 122 feet 

•     Setup area of only 18'x 18' required to operate 

•     Available Generator if power can not be supplied